RV Jack Points

Thank you for your interest in our RV Jack Points!

Many VANS aircraft owners have always wanted a simple way to jack their landing gear whether its for conditional inspections or for tire and brake maintenance. There have been many ideas and ways to do this but none are as elegant as our Jack Points.

Installation is simple: Once you've installed the base mount plate on your landing gear you're done. You'll pin the adapter arm whenever you're ready to lift your wheels for whatever maintenance is needed using simple floor jacks or screw jacks.

These pictures tell the story:

Have a flat tire? Click HERE to see our Jack Points in action!

Want to see more pictures? Click HERE to see Photos from Round Gear install!

Note: We currently offer THREE jack-point models that fit two different styles of landing gear:

  1. "Round" Gear Jack Points (Fits: RV 6, 6A, 7, 7A, 8A, 9, 9A)
  2. "Slab" Gear Jack Points (Fits: RV8 and may also fit Extra EA-300, One Design, and other aircraft with slab gear or grove gear)
  3. RV-10 Jack Points

RV Jack Points (Most Models)

RV Jack Points (Most Models)

Currently Backordered: Please allow 8-10 weeks for shipment.Important:These RV Jack Points fit the "..


RV Jack Points (RV10-only)

RV Jack Points (RV10-only)

Important:These RV Jack Points fit Van's Aircraft RV10 ONLY! Please see our product page f..


RV Jack Points (RV8-only) [20% OFF]

RV Jack Points (RV8-only) [20% OFF]

Important:These RV Jack Points fit the "slab gear" style Van's Aircraft RV8 ONLY! However, these may..


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